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Information on The Society


This organization began with members of a Facebook group page - the Maurice River Township of NJ History Group. The page was designed to share photos and information about Maurice River Township's heritage and it quickly grew. We saw the many people interested in our area's history and realized the need for a place and an organization to help preserve our stories, materials, and artifacts. Some meetings were held and the group formalized by adopting bylaws and electing officers to the Executive Board, establishing monthly meetings involving discussions and ideas on the sharing of area history. Over time we became a volunteer Nonprofit 501c3 charitable organization. Since we organized in Sept. 2015 we have organized numerous displays to share historical artifacts and information with the public, represented the Township at an Economical Development meeting, contributed to the Maurice River Township Veterans Wall and worked with many area historical organizations to help preserve our areas great history.


Our Mission Statement


The mission of this Society is to:


•     Collect, preserve, and exhibit any and all historical artifacts and materials associated with, or pertaining to, events, places, lifestyles, and cultures of the people of Maurice River Township New Jersey, its villages, and surrounding areas.


•     Encourage the study of history and genealogy.


•     Provide historical and genealogical information to educate our membership and the general public through published and/or collected materials. 


•    Obtain, operate, and maintain a building or buildings as a museum within Maurice River Township, New Jersey for the collection, preservation, and display of historical artifacts and materials related to Maurice River Township and surrounding areas for our members and the general public.



In an attempt to avoid flooding the original group page with information on the possible organization, since many members in the original group just enjoy the photos and stories that people share, a second group page was formed and is currently operating under the Facebook group name of The Maurice River Township Heritage Society. We invite you to join us on both Facebook groups.


Here you will find links to both the Maurice River Township of NJ History Group to share stories and photos, and to the Maurice River Township Heritage Society to learn about upcoming meetings and how you can help with tthe organization. 


Please join us in preserving Maurice River Township's history. If you would like to apply for membership to the Society, please visit our application page.


For more information contact us through e-mail

or Phone 856-421-3539 and leave a message a representative will return your call.

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