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Photo Archives Project

With our photo and document archives project we are currently collecting historical material dealing with the Maurice River Township area. We share most of the articles we've gathered on our Facebook page, the Maurice River Township of N.J. History Group. You are welcome to share photos there as well. In the future we also hope to display what we collect in an archived format that will be searchable by the public. Photos are collected by different means: the easiest method is to allow one of our members to copy them with a quality scanner, which makes it easy for people to contribute to our collections while still keeping their original versions. We have a portable device and can come to your home, or you can bring the photos to us; if you own a good scanner you can scan the photo yourself and email it to us. For your convenience we also have our scanner at our monthly meetings.


This is a great way to preserve old photos of the area. Once scanned, a digital photo will never fade, be destroyed by water or fire, or degrade over time; it will be in our archives for future generations to enjoy.


Please let us know if you possess old photos or documents that you would be willing to share, so we can include them in this great project. 




Below you can see some of the photos we have already archived; please excuse us while this site is under construction.



Click on the links to see the photos:




Port Elizabeth










Maurice River Township's Ships, Boats and Shipbuilding


Maurice River Township's Schools, Churches, and Bridges


Maurice River Township's Trains and Stations


For more photos visit our facebook page; the above pages are still under construction

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