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Maurice River Township's Ships, Boats, and Builders.

The Stowman Shipyard was established in 1890 by Charles Stowman. Following the death of Charles, it was run by his sons Charles A. and William B. Then in 1942 it was sold to the next generation, Walter G. Stowman, Frank Wheaton Jr. and Bennett Stowman. It survived the war and became Dorchester Shipyard in 1963, which is still in business doing marine repairs but no longer builds ships.

Delaware Bay Shipbuilding Co. Inc. was formed in 1920 by Dr. Malcolm Sharp, a medical doctor who was the son of a seafaring man.  The objective was to build fishing vessels, but it soon expanded into recreational boats.  In 1929, it was bought by a group of investors who divided it in two - Delaware Bay Shipbuilding for the bigger boats and Debasco Boat Works for the smaller ones.

Much of the information gathered on the ships and shipyards here was obtained from the website

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