Heislerville N.J. Stores and Buisnesses

Zane Hotel
The Zane hotel was reported as being in Heislerville at East Point on the hill directly across from the dirt road leading to the lighthouse. The only references we can find of the building was in a Margarette Louise Mints Book and the newspaper the Daily Journal if anyone has real photos or documentation of the Hotel pleasse contact us.
Thompsons Beach Store
Thompsons Beach was once a thriving community. This store was owned by Mr. Theal and the girl in the photo is Gladys Westcott Holmes.
Mehaden Fish Factory
Menhaden fish factory located in the village of Menhaden (now part of Heislerville). photo courtesy of Gary Mingin.
Maurce River Village wharves
Maurice River Oyster wharves was built by the West Jersey Railroad in Maurice River Village below Matts Landing and now known as part of Heislerville. There was once a thriving village with a couple homes an oyster wharf similar to Bivalve's with several clam and oyster shucking houses. It is all gone now taken back by the tides.
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